Why doesn’t Drew Kenney follow Desiree Hartsock on Twitter?

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drew kenney bachelorette desiree“Bachelorette” star Desiree Hartsock reportedly sends Drew Kenney packing after the overnight dates this season and it looks like he didn’t take the news well.

Although he has more than 50,000 Twitter followers (mostly teenaged girls), he only follows a mere 79 people on Twitter. Desiree Hartsock isn’t one of them.

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Kenney hasn’t tweeted since March 9 but he’s amazingly popular on Twitter. More than 50,000 followers?

Brooks Forrester, who is favored to win Desiree’s heart this season, only has 3791 followers. Of course, he follows Desiree.

Something doesn’t add up here. Does Kinney want to be the next “Bachelor”? Is that why he beefed up his Twitter following?

It looks like he went out to about 10,000 high schools and recruited loads of young ladies to follow him. In turn, he doesn’t follow them back.

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He does, however, follow “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison, producer Elan Gale and the “Bachelor” big cheese, Mike Fleiss.

Did Kenney buy followers or is he just that popular? He’s not  actively tweeting, so he must be totally heartbroken that he is sent home after hometown dates.

Either that or he’s kissing some Hollywood butt and trying to get in good graces with the folks at ABC so he can go on romantic dates and ride in helicopters on the next season of the “Bachelor.”

The most recent people Kenney followed were contestant Dan Cox and another “Bachelorette” producer, Adam Mansfield, bringing him to a total of 79 people he follows (Desiree would make 80 if he changes his mind).

Do you follow Drew Kenney on Twitter? If so, why do you think he’s not tweeting yet has more followers than any of the other contestants? If he buys adds another 20,000 followers, he’ll have half as many as Desiree Hartsock — and she’s the star of the show.

Hey, Drew…how did you get all of those followers without uttering a single tweet in three months?

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Photo: Drew Kenney Twitter

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