Is Phil Robertson leaving ‘Duck Dynasty’? ‘It’ll go on without me’

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duck dynasty cast parade magazine cover 2013Will this be Phil Robertson’s last season on “Duck Dynasty”?

Season 4 premieres on August 14, 2013, but Phil won’t be leaving just yet.

He did, however, hint in a recent interview with Parade Magazine that he may be leaving soon. (Behind the scenes video below)

The bearded men of “Duck Dynasty” are on the cover of the current issue of Parade Magazine with the headline, “THE MIGHTY DUCKS: How the Robertson of Duck Dynasty Became Reality TV’s Biggest Stars.”

Phil Robertson states in the magazine article that he had to be talked into participating in the show. When asked how long he plans to stay on Duck Dynasty, he said, “Not long.”

Does he think the show will still be as popular if he leaves? Robertson tells Parade he isn’t concerned about it and thinks “it’ll go on without me.”

What will Robertson do with his time if he leaves the popular A&E reality show? “Catch a few fish … Hunt squirrels, deer, ducks. Stay out in the woods. Come in. Make the jam. Enjoy life.”

Sounds like life outside “Duck Dynasty” would be pretty darned good for Phil Robertson.

If and when Phil leaves, the show may add his oldest son, Alan Richardson to the cast. But that’s not a definite and is simply speculation for the time being.

Richardson tells Parade that producers shouldn’t worry about adding him into the mix, if that does happen.

He states, “What [the producers] don’t know that I know is whatever way I roll in, they’re my family; I know how to best work them and work with them.”

Tune in to the “Duck Dynasty” season 4 premiere on August 14 and watch Phil and Miss Kay renew their vows.

Watch the video below for a look at the Robertsons’ photo shoot for the Parade magazine cover.

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