Reality Steve slams ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo: He ‘speaks broken English’

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Bachelor Juan Pablo and Chris HarrisonJuan Pablo Galavis is the next “Bachelor” and already he’s being slammed for something that brings the word “prejudice” to mind.

Blogger Reality Steve and a few of his fans recently pointed to the fact that Galavis speaks “broken English” as one of the reasons ABC made a poor choice.

Finally, fans have a guy who is fun-loving and self-assured. Aside from the fact that Juan Pablo is easy on the eyes, he also seems to be an amazing father who wants to settle down and expand his family.

A far cry from some of the previous “Bachelors” who claim they want to get married and settle down right away, but end up letting Hollywood go to their heads.

Here’s what Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve had to say, in part, about Juan Pablo:

“So Juan Pablo is the next “Bachelor” … first time we’ve had a “Bachelor” that speaks broken English (his tweet today: “Two L.A POLICE officers just came in to my room in the HOTEL to investigate a murder case. I almost CRAP my pants.” Really? 11 weeks of this? Yikes). Needless to say, I’m pretty shocked.” 

This comment comes from a guy who doesn’t always have the best grammar on his posts. While he admits to not being a stellar writer, who is he to call someone out for broken English?

Sounds like this guy is a bit prejudiced against anyone who doesn’t speak perfect English. My cute Polish grandmother would have whacked him with her purse for even having those thoughts.

Of course, Steve’s not alone in expressing his thoughts about Juan Pablo. A few of his readers agreed that he wasn’t the best choice, but one in particular stood out.

In the comments on Carbone’s post about Galavis (one that came after a rambling pseudo-apology about how he missed the mark with his “Bachelorette” spoilers this season), reader “elizabeth82″ had this to say about the next “Bachelor”:

“Women–online and at MTA and ATFR–seem to fall over Juan Pablo Beatlemania-style. So I wasn’t surprised at all they chose him. Personally I’m not that into the idea of a Juan Pablo season–I wanted it to be Zak. Juan Pablo’s English isn’t that good, does he have a job?, what about him is interesting? I remember reading the questionnaires on the ABC website and Juan Pablo answered the question of what his favorite book was by saying that he doesn’t read. But that’s just me; they obviously made a choice based on the mass female hysteria Juan Pablo has generated so . . . that’s good for the show I guess.”

Would Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin have been a better choice, Elizabeth? Oh, wait. They’re dead. Bad analogy.

Perhaps you prefer a bookworm, but not everyone does.

“Does he have a job?” Well, he does now, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t jobless before. He’s the “Bachelor” and that seems to be a pretty good job if you can take the heat. And the end result, if he beats the odds, is Juan Pablo finding a great woman who may one day become his wife and the step-mother to his adorable daughter.

“What about him is interesting?” Let’s just start off with his sense of humor, his passion for his daughter, his love for life and family.

To most women (I might be generalizing here), a man who loves and cares for his family is amazing. Fun-loving and committed sounds good to me. He doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to win the heart of a great woman.

Elizabeth, I hope your partner, if you’re in a relationship, is more than just a guy who reads books. If you’re single, it’s not hard to see why. Finding your perfect match should not be based on how well the person speaks English or what their favorite book is. Good grief, woman.

And Steve, I know you write opinions and they are your own. I do that, too.

But picking on someone for the way he speaks? Now that sounds like someone has a small penis … or an overinflated sense of self.

Oops. Now I’m being judgmental. Sorry about that….

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  1. Vanessa Hinds says

    Worthless article. Also unnecessarily harsh to call out and slam a complete stranger just voicing their personal opinion of Juan Pablo as the next Bachelor. He is going to be loved by some and disliked by others just like every other Bachelor this show has produced, regardless of his grasp of English. He signed up for the criticism when he agreed to be the Bachelor, plain and simple. Speculating on “Elizabeth82’s”‘s relationship status and personally attacking her is nasty, petty, and immature. Frankly a guy who doesn’t read would be a deal breaker for PLENTY of women. Yeah it probably doesn’t have much to do with his ability to be an entertaining Bachelor, which is his job now…but I wouldn’t date a guy who never cracked a book, either. Also, how on Earth do you have ANY clue whatsoever what kind of father Juan Pablo is? Answer: you DON’T. Unless you know him personally, and I’m guessing you do not. Oh…because he SAYS he cares for his daughter and wants to find a wife to be a mother figure? If you are so gullible you believe everything a contender for the upcoming Bachelor season tells the public (IE: Ben is “sincerely” looking for his soul-mate, certainly not to promote his winery, etc) then I have some land to sell you…

  2. Guest says

    “If you’re single, it’s not hard to see why…” Pot? meet kettle. This writer is a hypocrite. She’s doing just as much generalizing about Elizabeth as Elizabeth did about Juan Pablo, if not more. And how lame, taking comments from a random person from another person’s blog and making an article about it. Reality TV news must be slow today.

    • says

      Lame? Slow? No. Not slow at all. Most web writer’s quote a source. Exactly what I was doing! It’s not hard to see what she’s single — she’s SHALLOW as hell. But, as far as being a kettle, yes “GUEST” (aka COWARD who won’t show a name!), I’m a kettle and I admitted that if you read my entire article. “And Steve, I know you write opinions and they are your own. I do that, too.

      Now go find something to do.

      • Vanessa Hinds says

        Could you please stop using CAPS? It’s annoying.

        Juan Pablo got about 6 seconds of airtime during Desiree’s season, so it is completely natural for people to translate that to “uninteresting.” Blame ABC and their edit, not viewers merely reacting to what they saw (or didn’t see!). As far as his so called “great personality” goes we have little to go on at this point, but judging from Juan Pablo’s Instagram we can be safe in assuming the guy has an ego. He loves them selfies, like, a lot…

        • says

          Vanessa, it’s my site. I can do whatever I want, smarty pants! CAPS, no caps…it’s my choice. :)

          And an ego? Why not! He’s going to be fun to watch. I’ll bet you were a fan of Sean Lowe’s. Now there’s boring. If you want boring TV, just tune into the channel on FiOs that shows you how to use your remote control.

          • Vanessa Hinds says


            Nope, no Sean Lowe fan here. I was annoyed they chose him, and I thought he was as boring and vanilla as can be, The only thing that kept me watching was the antics of some of the crazy girls he had. I also was annoyed by the whole no sex crap with him. I’m not buying it for a second. I think Juan Pablo’s season will absolutely be entertaining. My point was that you needn’t slam Steve and that poster on his sight for having an opinion on JP that might not be the same as yours, and to make assumptions on a total stranger’s personal life was just rude, imo. In any case enjoy Juan Pablo, I intend to!

          • says

            If anyone is rude, it’s Steve. That’s just my opinion. I love picking on people for fun, but I’d never pull them apart for not being able to speak perfect English. THAT was my point. :-) Enjoy your week and let’s hope the next season is fun to watch.