Truth or Rumor: Is Juan Pablo really a deadbeat Dad?

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juan pablo camila child supportIs “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis really a deadbeat dad? The Enquirer recently uncovered information that indicates Galavis did not pay child support for his daughter, Camila, for at least two years after her birth.

Truth or rumor?

Here’s the low-down on Juan Pablo’s child support situation and why you shouldn’t be concerned about his ability to raise and support his daughter:

ABC stresses in Juan Pablo‘s bio that the former pro-soccer “put his dream” of playing professional soccer aside to raise his daughter after learning that his then girlfriend, Carla Rodriguez, was pregnant.

However, the Enquirer states that the charming “Bachelor” star was ordered to pay an outstanding balance of $3,574.57 in child support in 2011. The child support reportedly went unpaid for a period of two years after Camila was born.

“The Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support enforcement Program slapped Juan Pablo with an income deduction order, requiring employers to automatically deduct $243.94 per month for child support, plus $49.00 per month for retroactive child support until the outstanding balance of $3,574.57 was paid.”Enquirer

If the information that the Enquirer scooped up from the Florida DOR is true, then yes, Juan Pablo neglected to pay his child support for two years after his child was born.


The total amount of arrears equated to approximately $149 a month ($34 a week) that he didn’t pay. That’s not a heck of a lot of child support; perhaps there were extenuating circumstances at the time that preventing him from paying.

Carla Rodriguez, the mother of Juan Pablo’s child, has not made an uproar about this in the media and seems to be very supportive of Juan Pablo’s new venture as the “Bachelor”, tweeting positive Bachelor-related links to her followers.

The bottom line is that if Galavis did skip out on paying child support a few years ago, that’s not the case now. There are deadbeat dads who never pay up and fathers who miss payments for a variety of reasons who make good on them and turn out to be great parents.

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It’s safe to say Juan Pablo Galavis loves his daughter, Camila and he seems to have the support of Camila’s mom, too.

The media is hell-bent on finding something wrong with the hot new “Bachelor”, but it seems they’ve uncovered something that’s really a non-issue.

Moving on….

Juan Pablo graces our TV screens starting with ”The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo” on Sunday, Jan. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Get ready for a great Juan-uary!

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