‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo spoiler: Is Nikki Ferrell this season’s villain?

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Nikki Ferrel Bachelor Villain Juan Pablo“Bachelor” contestant Nikki Ferrell is rumored to be this season’s villain. Apparently her wicked ways will lure Juan Pablo in, but will it be enough to convince him to put a Neil Lane ring on her finger? (spoilers ahead)

Ferrell’s bio on ABC states that she is a Registered Nurse in at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.

She loves pinning pretty wedding things on Pinterest (perhaps to throw us off?) and posting awkward dance videos on Instagram (she’s not a good candidate for “Dancing with the Stars”)

Reality Steve states on his blog that Nikki will turn out to be “this season’s villain” and the “biggest bitch in the house.”

Sounds like a repeat of the Ben Flajnik – Courtney Robertson “relationship” on Ben’s season of the “Bachelor” — the only difference is Ben had more hair and Juan Pablo probably won’t go skinny dipping on national TV.

So, if Nikki’s a bitch (or at least the girl who tries to monopolize all of Juan Pablo’s time), that means she may get the final rose. Because nice girls don’t always make it to the final cut and a bitchy girl makes for better TV.

Spoiler Alert

Reality Steve seems to be putting his proverbial ass on the line again this season and is positive that Juan Pablo will pick Nikki Ferrell in the end. He’s also positive that there will be no proposal and they’ll never get married.

Surprised that Juan Pablo probably won’t propose? You shouldn’t be. While Juan Pablo looks like a Super-Dad and claims to want to get married and live happily ever after, there’s just something that doesn’t add up here.

He’s handsome, charismatic and social. He has mass appeal with the ladies. How hard would it be for him to find a wife outside of the show? Not as hard as he professes.

Single fathers date all the time and Juan Pablo isn’t going to get turned away by many women who are looking for a hot, single guy with a cute daughter.

So, he’ll probably pretend he’s crazy about Nikki for a short time and then sign a contract to be on “Dancing with the Stars.”

At that point, she won’t be able to stand the publicity (mostly negative) and head back to her dream job as a nurse. Or date one or more of the Bachelor Nation rejects.

Do you think Juan Pablo will really find love and Realty Steve is wrong again this season?

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